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GENESIS 17 [Ø18,5cm | H15cm]

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This collection consists of two pieces set: a podium and the planter itself. The planters are asymmetrical and the measurement shown is an approximate size.

Planter [Ø18,5cm | H15cm] Podium [H6,2cm]

As much as we adore the process of crafting pots by human hands, we cannot deny that the best shapes and colors are naturally generated by nature. In this collection, we take inspiration from the Japanese tradition of gazing stones art known as Suiseki, where the natural qualities of stones are praised and raised on a podium. This collection celebrates that gazing at stones is just as pleasing as a work of art.

Disclaimers: All planters are thoughtfully handcrafted by our Indonesian potters and exclusively produced to complement the plants’ beauty (not to dominate them). They are limited in stocks. Natural variation in planter appearance may occur.

Made by Taman Hayat.


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They are ready to ship within 1-2 working days.

Be reminded that each planter is built by hand. Sometimes unexpected results, such as uneven glazes or cracks, might occur, but that’s the beauty of handbuilt pottery! We love it that way. It will not be considered defective if it does not affect the pot’s overall function. Nevertheless, if we find minor abnormalities on the planter you purchase, we will send the pictures before delivery to ensure you also like the pot as much as we like it.

For further detailed shipping and return information, go to our FAQ page.

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