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Give the gift of a lush garden to your beloved. Taman Hayat’s Gift Set – Lush is made for those who are about to create a greener garden. A great and thoughtful gift for birthdays, as Ramadan hampers, or simply to make someone’s day brighter.

Lush Gift Set includes:
Garden scoop
Black garden pruner
Handmade planter by Taman Hayat (selected by us, with a diameter of 6 to 10 cm)
Handwritten greeting card with receiver’s name and custom greetings (optional)
Furoshiki wrapping
*Plants on the picture are decorative, will not be included in this purchase.

Important note: 

Write the recipient’s name and your custom greetings on our note box before checking out (optional).

Select your desired planter on our note box before checking out. If it is sold out, it will be stated in the description.

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They are ready to ship within 3-5 working days. You will receive a shipping notification email once it is shipped.

Be reminded that each planter is built by hand. Sometimes unexpected results such as uneven glazes or cracks might occur, but that’s the beauty of handbuilt pottery! We love it that way. It will not be considered defective as long as it does not affect the pot’s overall function. Nevertheless, if we find small abnormalities on the planter you purchase, we will send the pictures prior to delivery to ensure you also like the pot as much as we like it.

For further detailed shipping and return information, go to our FAQ page.

Loyalty Reward Program
  1. For every minimum purchase of 500,000, you will get one sticker. Applicable in multiples.
  2. Once completed, return this loyalty card to Taman Hayat to be validated (e-mail us for a complete address) and you will get a shopping voucher worth 250,000.
  3. If after validation and you want to keep your loyalty card, please inform us via e-mail, then we will send it back to your address.
  4. For more information, go to www.tamanhayat.com/faq.